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To help ensure your contact information is current and to receive information updates, therapists working in paediatrics in BC are encouraged to register your email address with therapybc.ca

Please provide your name, email information, region, and profession. This will allow us to provide updates specific to your region, specific to your profession, general updates from Therapy BC, and upcoming event notices. If you would like to receive updates for all professions (e.g.- you are an administrator or manager) please indicate so by selecting the ‘Send notifications for all professions’ box.

Emails acquired via this site will not be sold or made available to marketers or other such groups. The purpose of acquiring emails via this site is to improve the networking and communication amongst therapists working in paediatrics in BC. The only user groups Therapy BC will share the distribution list with are the provincial paediatric therapy councils to help them appropriately disseminate information relevant to therapists working in paediatrics in BC.

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(Note: PHSA therapists are included in the Vancouver-Coastal region)

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