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Current recruitment and retention literature describes the concept of a "workplace of choice". The paediatric therapists in BC reported that an ideal employer:
  1. Will show an interest in my professional work by learning more about my clinical decision-making processes. An employer may occasionally observe a therapy session as a method of informing themselves.

  2. Will tell families and communities that they hire staff with the best professional qualifications and credentials, reflected in registration with professional licensing bodies.

  3. Will meet with me regularly to discuss my professional goals and partner with me to identify a strategy to achieve these goals.

  4. Will advocate for the value of my position and my professional training and will tell me what he/she is doing in this regard.

  5. Will ask for my professional opinion and encourage me to be involved in decision-making and program revisions.

  6. Will discuss options for flexibility in a work schedule to accommodate special circumstances.

  7. Will understand that my profession requires life-long learning and continuing education.

  8. Will understand that support for continuing specialized professional education will go a long way to retain me.

  9. Will understand that my work is a career and more than just a "job".

  10. Will be committed to establishing a healthy and respectful work environment.

  11. Will ensure that I have the equipment and administrative supports to use my skills optimally.
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How to Be an Ideal Employer in BC Pediatric Therapy Career Employment