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Job Title: Speech and Language Pathologist, on-call
Job Category: SLP
Job Location: Victoria
Wage Range:
Job Type: Part-Time Temporary
Contact: Silvana Sam - Silvanas@makeafuture.ca
Experience Required?:
Annual Equipment Budget: $
Annual Continuing Education Budget: $
Other Incentives:
Job Description:
ALLIED SPECIALISTS’ ASSOCIATION Speech & Language Pathologist Specialist On-Call This posting is to establish an eligibility list for future temporary short-term vacancies The Speech-Language Pathologist provides a range of services: prevention, identification, assessment and direct intervention for students K-12 with communication challenges (high/low incidence), consultation with other educators regarding students’ needs in the classroom and other environments, in-service training, and information sharing with families and other service providers. This position supports students in acquiring communication skills central to academic achievement, as well as to foster social development and independent well-being. Please Note: As this position is itinerant, the successful applicant must have a car and a valid BC driver’s license. Qualifications:  Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology or equivalent  Member of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC (CSHHPBC)  CASLPA certification and CASLPA/BCASLPA membership preferred Qualified applicants are asked to submit the following information to the Human Resource Services Department: o A letter of application and comprehensive résumé o Satisfactory references Closing date: Ongoing Greater Victoria School District #61, Human Resource Services 556 Boleskine Road, Victoria, BC V8W 2R1 Fax: 250-475-4113 / Email: hrs@sd61.bc.ca
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