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In the 2005-2006 work plan of the Office of the Provincial Paediatric Therapy Recruitment and Retention Coordinator in British Columbia, the importance of promoting manageable workloads for paediatric occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech language pathologists was identified. A project was commissioned to recommend Provincial Guidelines for manageable workloads for therapists practicing in paediatric settings that recognizes discipline-specific service delivery trends, and accounts for child, family, and community factors. Phase 1 of this project produced a report that provided a strong foundation of knowledge regarding current workload issues in BC, and some of the strategies BC agencies and therapists are utilizing to manage their caseloads. Here is the document:

Promoting Manageable Workloads Project - Final Report, November 2006 (PDF 6,470 KB)

The Office of the Provincial Paediatric Therapy Recruitment and Retention Coordinator has been continuing to build on the foundation provided by the phase 1 report. With considerable input from stakeholders involved in the delivery of paediatric therapy services, the Office has produced the document 'Preferred Practice Guidelines for BC Paediatric Therapists.' This document should prove to be a useful resource for all stakeholders to assist in promoting manageable workloads for therapists:

Promoting Manageable Workloads - Preferred Practice Guidelines, December 2008 (PDF 230K)

This eLibrary Support Binder Initiative has gathered a portfolio of resources, forms and policies that are relevant to the delivery of paediatric therapy services across British Columbia. The portfolio was created by therapists and agencies offering items in response to a request to share ‘what is working well in their current practice’. The materials are offered in the spirit of collaboration, and are not documents that have necessarily been peer-reviewed or established as best-practice. But, they may reflect current practice, and suggestions formed from experienced clinical opinion, to be used at the discretion of therapists and administrators:


The Workload Assessment Tool for Therapists (WAT-T) project began in 2008, with agency support from the Office of the Provincial Paediatric Therapy Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (PPTRRC), as a Master of Rehabilitation Science research study completed by Kathy Davidson, Paediatric Physiotherapist. The research question guiding the overall project was the determination of the size of a manageable caseload for these therapists. Phase 1 was a pilot project designed to develop and test a points based caseload measure with early intervention, community based paediatric Occupational and Physiotherapists in British Columbia. Phase 2 investigated the intra-rater reliability of the measure and of the workload manageability scale, and began the process of supporting validity hypotheses. View the following file for a detailed summary of the project to date:

Click here to open the explanatory documentation for the tool. (pdf document, 114Kb)

Click here to download a copy of the tool. (Excel spreadsheet, 95 Kb)

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