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The 2006-2007 work plan of the Office of the Provincial Paediatric Therapy Recruitment and Retention Coordinator included the objective to research the use of therapist assistants to assist in the delivery of paediatric therapy services in British Columbia. Phase 1 of this project requested a report that included an inventory of agencies; jurisdictional and literature reviews; stakeholder feedback; education programs in BC; and recommendations and considerations for the use of therapist assistants in paediatric settings in BC. The report produced for this first phase:

Researching the Role of Therapy Assistants to Support the Delivery of Paediatric Therapy Services in British Columbia - Final Report, January 2007 (PDF 485 KB)

As a result of this report several more documents have been produced (in July 2007) to assist agencies and therapists considering utilizing therapist assistants:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Use of Therapist Assistants in Pediatric Settings - July 2007
(PDF 58 KB)
Sample Tasks and Activities Performed By Therapist Assistants in Pediatric Settings - July 2007
(PDF 894 KB)
An Employer's Guide to Hiring a Therapist Assistant - July 2007
(PDF 901 KB)

In addition, several agencies currently utilizing therapist assistants in their service delivery model have provided the Office with a 'Practice Profile.' These documents provide valuable practical examples outlining the hiring process, duties, effects on service delivery, and challenges during implementation experienced by these agencies.

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