Standardized assessment tools are administered and scored in a consistent way. This section provides you with
information and links to data bases of pediatric assessment tools, classification systems and outcome measures.

For more information about selecting tests see this Outcome Measure Primer and Summary Table.

Searchable databases for pediatric
assessment tools, measures and classification systems:

List of some common pediatric standardized assessment tools:

The American PT Association has publish a list of pediatric assessment tools categorized by ICF Model. Common measures used in pediatric therapy are listed but not limited to:

  • AIMS –Alberta Infant Motor Scale
  • Beery VMI- Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test Of Visual-Motor Integration
  • BOT-2- Bruininks-Oserestky Test of Motor Performance
  • Braden Skin Integrity
  • BSID-III – Bayley Scale of Infant Development
  • Children’s Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment & Preferences for Activities in Children (CAPE-PAC)
  • CP Functional Classification Systems (see table above).
    • GMFM – Gross motor function measure
    • MACS – Manual Ability Classification System
    • EDACS – Eating and Drinking Ability Classification System
    • CFSC – Communication Function Classification System
  • DASH – Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting
  • DCDQ – Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire
  • DTVP-2 – Developmental test of visual perception 2nd edition
  • ETCH – Evaluation Tool of Children’s Handwriting
  • HIAT – High Incidence Assessible Technology
  • HINE – Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination
  • McMaster Handwriting Assessment
  • M-FUN – Miller Function & Participation Scales
  • Movement ABC – 2 – Movement assessment battery for children 2nd edition
  • MVPT-3 – Motor-free visual perception test 3rd edition
  • PACS – Pediatric Activity Card Sort
  • Peabody Developmental Motor Scales
  • Pediatric Balance Scale
  • PEGS – Perceived Efficacy and Goal Setting
  • Prechtl General Movement Assessment – Prechtl GMA
  • Quality of Movement Assessment Tool
  • SAROMM – Spinal Alignment and Range of Motion Measure
  • School Function Assessment
  • Sensory Processing Measure
  • Sensory Profile (all ages)
  • Short Sensory Profile
  • ITSP – Infant/toddler sensory profile 2
  • TGMD – Test of Gross Motor Development
  • TVPS-3 – Test of Visual Perceptual Skills – 3rd edition