Autism Funding Programs assists parents with purchasing eligible intervention services for their child or youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Funding helps families with the cost of purchasing autism intervention that will promote their child’s communication, social-emotional, academic and functional life skills development. Up to 20 per cent of the annual funding may be used to purchase training, travel and equipment related to autism.

MCFD provides two Autism Funding Programs: Under Age 6 and Ages 6-18. Families of children under age 6 may receive up to $22,000 towards eligible intervention services, based on best practices, and must select professionals from the RASP. It is strongly recommend that families with children of all ages choose their professional service providers from those listed on the RASP. Families of children and youth aged 6 to 18 with a diagnosis of ASDmay receive up to $6,000 per year towards eligible intervention services, based on best practices. The funding builds on the educational program and support services already provided by school districts. These programs allow families choice, flexibility and help in purchasing eligible intervention services that best meet their child’s unique needs. This funding is available in all Service Delivery Areas (SDAs).

If a child has been diagnosed with ASD and the family wishes to enroll in the Autism Funding Program, they may contact a local MCFD office to complete a funding agreement.

Autism Information Services British Columbia (AIS B.C.) is a provincial information centre for autism and related disorders that provides information and supports to families, service providers, and community professionals across B.C.

Experienced staff is available by phone, in person, or by email to explain the range of
best practice treatment options for autism spectrum disorder to help navigate the B.C. service system.

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