This program provides occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to school-aged children and youth with special needs to assist them in meeting their educational goals and to help them achieve their highest level of independent functioning within their home, school and community settings.

The SAT Program is jointly funded and administered by the Ministries of Education and MCFD, in partnership with boards of education, independent school authorities and MCFD’s Service Delivery Areas (SDAs). The SAT program operates within a rehabilitation system that involves 16 therapy-related programs and services for children from birth to adulthood, and an array of funding arrangements across the three Ministries of Education, Health and MCFD. Speech Language Pathology services are provided to school aged children through the Ministry of Education. Please contact your local school board for more details.

Occupational and physiotherapy services are available to help children and teens be independent and reach educational goals while at school.

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Children and youth who have – or are at risk for – a developmental delay or disability and display a demonstrated need have access to School-Aged Therapy services from school entry until school exit.

Anyone can refer a child or youth to the School-Aged Therapy Program.

POPARD offers consultation, training and support services to all public and independent schools across B.C. with a focus on increasing the capacity of school district staff to support students with autism spectrum disorder. POPARD also offers eLearning lessons as well as training and workshops.

Inclusion Outreach assists school teams and families in developing meaningful and functional programs for B.C. students with severe cognitive and multiple physical disabilities within inclusive schools K-12.

SETBC is a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program that assists school districts in utilizing technology with students whose access to the curriculum is restricted.

Inclusive Education Resources to support equitable access to learning, opportunities for achievement, and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their educational programs.

IEP to plan and record the individualization of a student’s education program.

Teaching and assessment strategies designed to accommodate a student’s needs so he or she can achieve the learning outcomes of the subject or course.

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